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Life is a rich, complex and, at times, difficult journey that brings all kinds of challenges and rewards along its paths. Though the challenges come in many different forms (i.e., work pressure, relational difficulties, traumatic experiences, career uncertainty, life transition, etc.), they often bring a range of difficult emotion including fear, sadness, confusion, anger, and loneliness.

Carey provides counselling and psychological services to individuals who are seeking help in the face of life’s challenges as well as those who are seeking to enhance their wellbeing and live their lives with greater meaning and purpose. He works with late adolescents (16+) as well as adults of all ages.

Carey believes counselling is useful for enhancing wellbeing in the absence of “big problems”. He enjoys working with individuals who are seeking to enhance their lives and relationships by learning how to live with greater awareness, openness, and purpose.

Carey also aims to help individuals respond more effectively to the challenges before them. Increased ability to cope with your difficult emotions, greater clarity and insight into your life and relationships, and the development of new skills to face challenges represent the kinds of goals that Carey would seek to help you achieve.