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Counselling can feel like a big step into the unknown, especially for those who have never been to counselling before. Questions about what to expect and what happens in counselling are common and normal. Here is a picture of what to expect if you decide to pursue counselling.

The first step is to make a call (604.799.8868) or complete the form on the contact page. After receiving your message, Carey will call you back at the number you provided, typically within one to two business days. You will have the opportunity to speak him about what you would like help with. You are also free to ask questions about his approach to counselling. Carey will let you know whether he has the training and experience to help you address your difficulties and work toward your counselling goals. Following this you will have the opportunity to schedule an initial session.

The initial session is intended to help you explore your situation more fully. You can expect Carey to listen carefully and attentively. He will help you describe your concerns more fully and provide you with an understanding of how counselling might help you address them. This process often brings increased clarity and renewed hope for a way forward. It also provides you with a better picture of who Carey is and whether he is a good fit for you and your counselling needs.

Subsequent sessions are about helping you move forward toward your counselling goals. Although counselling goals vary, the way forward involves a number of common processes that includes gaining greater insight, new tools and strategies for coping with difficult emotion, more effective responses, renewed hope and strength, as well as symptom relief.

The duration of counselling varies depending on a person’s needs and goals. Some goals are achieved in as little as two or three sessions, other require more sessions (i.e., 6-10). Longstanding difficulties, especially those involving past trauma, are typically addressed over a longer period of time. Regardless of your needs and goals, the expected timeframe is something you can ask Carey about.